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Hardtii Alt-Meat

Hardtii Alt-Meat is rich in heme pathway compounds, the exact same biomolecules as in real meat and in fish. These compounds are naturally produced in our Hardtii Alt-Meat. It is the ideal ingredient to give an authentic look and taste to alternative meat and seafood.

Tuna with Red Algae Bowl

Tuna with Hardtii Alt-Meat Algae Bowl

Our Tuna flakes are “ Too Good To Be” - so delicious and no fish were caught or harmed.


Meatballs w/ Hardtii Alt-Meat

The USA FDA recognizes Triton’s algae as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for food. Singapore and Hong Kong also recognize Triton’s algae as a food ingredient.

Pulled Pork with Hardtii Alt-Meat Algae

Hardtii contains high levels of protein, Vitamin A & D, Omega oils, features a complete amino acid profile, and has a pleasant, earthy taste, distinctly different from other microalgae.

Meatball Sub made with Hardtii Alt-Meat Algae

Alternative meat or plant-based product with Essential Hardtii Alt-Meat algae achieves the raw-to-cooked experience desired by many.