Algae is the future of sustainability

Green Algae

Triton’s Green Algae is an excellent source of protein, and also provides a complete amino acid profile, as well as being rich in Vitamin A, iron, and Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. With a pleasant flavor and aroma - often compared with the scents of wheatgrass, dried parsley, and matcha - it assimilates effortlessly into a range of foods with which consumers are already familiar, pasta, bread, and beverages, for example, bringing a flavorful and robust nutritional fortification in the process.

Green Algae

Green Algae Pasta

Algae infused pasta is a great way to enjoy some high protein pasta


Green Algae Drink

Boost the nutrients and add some color to your next smoothie with our Green Hardtii Algae. Good for Gut Health, too!

Green and Red Algae Dumplings

These Triton Algae Dumplings are doubly delicious, infused with Algae to make a nice green wrapper and the insides have our red algae inside as a vegan pork alt-meat as the base.

Green Confections

Add some green algae to a confection recipe to add some color, texture, and fun.