The Future of
Algae is Now

Hardtii Alt-Meat Algae

Triton is an innovative San Diego-based food ingredient company. Our primary focus has been on developing the next generation of microalgae-based ingredients using Chlamydomonas.


Green Algae

Triton has developed Chlamydomonas into a robust alternative protein powerhouse by exploring its natural diversity and creating the world’s first ever, IP protected, fermentation scale-up manufacturing process to produce this alga at an industrial scale.

White Algae

Think of algae like a Bell pepper - green, red, orange, yellow, but all the same delicious and good for you. Triton’s Microalgae provide a different array of potential applications in existing or new food products.

White Algae
source of protein

Using our Patented processes, we have perfected the process of creating a sustainable source of protein