Our Philosophy is simple

Develop better mechanisms to strengthen animal and human health with natural proteins

Developing high-value, life-changing, and affordable products, containing the most effective and essential nutrients that nature provides for us.

High-quality and healthy products that support a high quality and healthy life

Our safe and effective proteins are just like those provided by nature, to support the normal and healthy operation of your body.

Natural health should be accessible, affordable, and scalable

Concise work combined with experience meets a trusted production platform

We use the same basic tools and approaches developed over the past four decades for use in other traditional systems - and our results are incredible.

Discover our pipeline of safe & effective proteins

They're identical to those occurring in nature, and backed by a powerful IP-protected platform from which to produce them.

Tapping the natural power of algae to produce highly impactful proteins to support health

These highly effective proteins, which occur in nature, have been shown to support normal health in both humans and animals.

The result is that our algae platform is able to produce these proteins at high levels and comparatively low cost.

Many of these natural proteins cannot be efficiently produced in more traditional organisms, such as yeast or bacteria

The Triton Platform

A pipeline of safe and effective proteins, identical to those occuring in nature

The Triton platform enables production of a broad, diverse and valuable array of safe and effective - natural proteins. Each of these proteins represents potentially high-value products in multiple market sectors, including infant formula, nutraceuticals, therapeutics and cosmetics.

Such as...

  • Enzymes
  • Antibodies
  • Hormones
  • Antibacterial proteins
  • Antioxidants
  • Chelator proteins
  • Mineral binding proteins

Our first high-value proteins



A powerful and effective protein, which interacts with multiple systems in the body of all mammals, including the immune system; it also supports bone growth/resorption and accelerates wound healing. Additionally, OPN has been shown to induce production of immune cells, and to support brain and cognitive development.


mammary associated amyloid

A protein found in the colostrum of all mammals, and helps stimulate production of a mucus coating in the digestive tract. These coatings help to prevent colonization of pathogenic bacteria, minimize viral infection, and improve nutrient intake by the intestines. It is active in mammals of all ages, and supports normal, healthy digestive function in humans, companion animals, and livestock.



An important protein component of colostrum and milk, conserved across all vertebrates. It supports the immune system; plays an important role in maintaining normal health of the intestinal mucosa, and; helps support natural defense against rotavirus infections, a common cause of nausea and diarrhea among infants and young children.

The Triton Platform in the wild

Our results have created helpful products to promote a natural, healthy life